Your Gift Makes A Difference


Why is it important to financially support local Christian radio?

We are always humbled when we hear how WCTL impacts the lives of listeners each day. The following are just a few life-changing examples from notes we’ve received.

Through your financial gift, you…

  • Help Leslie realize she doesn’t have to fight her battles alone
  • Change Tina’s countenance, making her a kinder, more grateful person
  • Cheer Crystal up after a tough day at work and inspire her to grow in her faith
  • Give Jody a spiritual boost as she heads into a challenging work environment each day
  • Remind Erica, that in every situation, she can rest in the truth “Thy Will Be Done”
  • Give countless people a resource of encouragement and prayer

Further, a year-end gift to WCTL’s Golden Opportunity will ensure steady progress is made toward improving our FM signal and reaching more people with the Gospel in Erie.

Can we count on you for a special year-end gift of $25, $50, or $100? A gift of any amount will change lives! You still have time to give a tax-deductible gift before 12/31/17*.

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*Donations through any method selected are tax deductible when made to Inspiration Time, Inc.