Midday Show Notes 10/12: Ways To Make Stress Work FOR You


Midday Show Bible Reading Challenge:

Romans 1:16-25


Do Life Better:

We all have stress in life…it could be from your job, family, relationships, finances, etc. But what do you do with your stress?  Today, I share tips on how to make your stress work FOR you, not AGAINST you.


Food for Thought:

You Will Be Refreshed
(from Bible.com)

Isaiah 58:10-11 is one of my favorite verses when it comes to serving others, because it’s like a tall glass of cold ice water on a hot day. It’s refreshing…encouraging…hopeful.

This passage is your final boost in this reading plan. It describes the power of serving others–in your own life. Sometimes it’s in your darkness and in your tiredness that you are called to pour into others more than ever before. It’s an offering that goes beyond your humanness and displays the infinite power of God.

If you can pour yourself out for others and satisfy the desires of those in need, even as you find yourself in the desert, God will make you strong and satisfy your own desires. In fact, He promises to make you like a spring whose waters never fail.

If you can pour into others even as you feel empty, God will start a miraculous work in you. He will fill you with an everlasting abundance of water to keep you going. You will always have something to give, no matter what form or size it comes in.


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