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Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Critter Campaign

As a parent, you want your kids to get more than gifts this Christmas.  You want your kids to get the heart of Christmas. 
Give them the gift of giving.  And watch what it does in their heart. 
You see, somewhere in Asia, there’s a family just like yours.  Except they’re barely surviving.  You could donate money—and you would help them for a time. 
But when you donate an animal--like a chicken or a goat--you help them for a lifetime.  Because you’re helping them earn a living.  A chicken or goat provides food for the family—eggs, milk, cheese.  And in turn, they can sell eggs, milk, and cheese to provide income.  And your gift opens the door to talk about the love of Jesus. 
Go online with your kids and look through the Christmas Critter Catalog from Gospel for Asia.  Let them choose the animal they want to give.
It will bless the life of a family in Asia.  And, it just might bless your family as well. 
Give your kids the gift of giving. 

Call (877) 915-GOAT (4628) or go to the Online Catalog
When you donate an animal to a poor family in Asia, you help them break the cycle of poverty.  A chicken provides eggs to eat, eggs they can also sell to make a living.  A lamb provides wool for clothing, plus milk and cheese to sell for income.

Best of all, when you donate through Gospel for Asia, you open the door to share the love of Jesus.