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Book of the Month

The Wake Up Call's
Book of the Month

Tune in the to the Wake Up Call on the third Tuesday of the month during the 8 am hour to hear Pastor Jeff Bobin of Littles Corners, Hamlin Chapel and Bethany United Methodist Churches give his review of the Wake Up Call's Book of the Month.

Pastor Jeff Bobin
Pastor Jeff Bobin
The Book of the Month for:
Pastor Jeff welcomes your comments, questions and book recommendations. You can contact Pastor Jeff by email at: jeff.bobin@verizion.net Jeff Bobin | Create Your Badge
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No More Dragons

No More Dragons: Get Free from Broken Dreams, Lost Hope, Bad Religion, and Other Monsters

Jim Burgen was a preacher’s kid so was immersed in the life of the church from an early age. That experience was not always a positive one. He did grow up loving church through elementary school and everything about it. That was until he got to junior high and discovered that church members could be mean, very mean. He saw the church spread rumors and lies about his dad and family and the hurt that they experienced because of it. He decided if this was what the church looked like then he wanted out and walked away from the church.

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The Sacred Search

The Sacred Search: What If It's Not about Who You Marry, But Why?

By Gary Thomas

If you think you would like to be married someday I recommend you take the time to read this book. 

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