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Pillar Partner

Are you a Pillar?

Dictionary.com defines a pillar as "a person who is a chief supporter of a society, state, institution, etc.: a pillar of the community." We are in need of ministry partners that are willing to become chief supporters - "pillars" for WCTL.

The mission field for Christian radio is very real. People find in Christian radio a safe way to begin exploring what faith in Christ is all about. The curious, the backsliders, the ones who have never before heard the message of the Gospel can listen in the privacy of their homes and cars and begin the process that leads to a relationship with Jesus Christ. By partnering with us, you take ownership in this mission field. Of course, Christian radio also supports and encourages believers (new or longtime), providing programming that is uplifting and inspiring for all ages.

Though donations of any kind are always appreciated, regular monthly support is extremely important. Faith partners that sign up through EZ-Give to donate on a monthly basis enable WCTL to avoid lulls in income and keep the ministry fully funded and focused. For these reasons, we would ask you to seriously consider establishing yourself as a pillar for WCTL. Built on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ, pillars are chief supports that allow the ministry to grow and prosper.

Please consider a "Pillar Partnership" with the ministry of WCTL. Your regular monthly donation provides the financial backing needed to fortify the radio station. God bless you, and thank you for your prayers and listenership. You are appreciated!

Day Sponsors

Did you know that you can sponsor the cost of an entire day of broadcasting?

It's easy to do. As a Day Sponsor you choose to sponsor a specific day that is special to you. Many people select an anniversary or a birthday. Others sponsor Mother's Day in honor of their mother or another holiday that is meaningful to them.

The regular monthly financial support of our listeners is vital to the broadcast ministry of WCTL. Without it, the station would not be able to stay on the air transmitting the life changing message of Jesus Christ in the music and teaching programs we broadcast.

Sponsor a day, or a part of a day, to help keep the broadcast ministry of WCTL strong. Sponsorship can be a monthly or one-time donation.
1/4 Day Sponsor - $30 per month or $180 one-time
1/2 Day Sponsor - $60 per month or $360 one-time  
Full Day Sponsor - $120 per month or $720 one-time

Please consider a gift and partner with the ministry of Inspiration Time Inc.