Is it me or is the Christian life getting tougher with each passing day?  There are days when I wonder if following God is such a good idea and honestly I have felt utterly alone in my struggles.  Does God hear me and if so why is he silent?  Those who disregard Jesus seem to be doing fine, enjoying the riches and pleasures of the world while I wrestle with every decision wanting to please God.  This is how God rewards those who follow him? 

In everything, I evaluate and judge myself to determine how successful I am compared to someone else.  This destructive cycle of thinking make me prideful when I appear to be doing well, it causes me to feel inferior when I do not succeed, and the outcome is a heart that is ungratefully forgetful for all God has done for me.  In my anguish, God reminded me that it is His job to critique me because his standard of measurement is accurate.  God’s Word says he is more concerned about my faithfulness and obedience to his commands than how successful I am in life. 

God has opened wide my eyes to see that I have been looking for an earthly king to follow just as his people did in the Promised Land and in the days of Jesus’ ministry on earth.  I admit there are times when I look to people, material things, financial stability, and the many comforts of this life to find approval and confirmation of who I am.  Indeed, I may find validation in these things though they are only temporary and will steer my thoughts away from God.  I’ve wrestled with God and once again, he has given me a renewed hope and strength to stay the course with him. 

Daily, the world inundates us with ways to pursue success independent of God.  This Easter, may our faithfulness to Jesus be unwavering as we celebrate his resurrection and life for only Jesus, the King of Kings, is worthy of our pursuance.  Let us renew our commitment to only follow the living God!  Happy Easter!