MercyMe has a career that started in 1995 when the album “Pleased To Meet You” was released on a small independent record label. In 2001 they rose to superstardom when they released the now classic single “I can only imagine”. Crossing them over to the Billboard Hot 100 charts. A feat only equaled with the likes of Amy Grant and Michael W Smith before them. Their new single, “Shake”, can be heard on WCTL and is available on their new CD “WelcomeTo The New”.

What can be expected on their 15th studio album?  According to a press release on the new CD :

When Bart Millard talks about the band’s latest album it’s with the passion of an artist rejuvenated and reborn….but when he talks about the overarching theme [of the album] Millard gets especially fervent. And here’s why: “New” is the fruit of his real life embrace of grace. It all adds up to a musical, lyrical and spiritual turning point.

For more information on the album, check out this review from indievision music:

MercyMe review

The new MercyMe single “Shake” and the new CD “Welcome to the new” are available at the WCTL music store which can be found under the “Music” tab at