No More Dragons: Get Free from Broken Dreams, Lost Hope, Bad Religion, and Other Monsters

Jim Burgen was a preacher’s kid so was immersed in the life of the church from an early age. That experience was not always a positive one. He did grow up loving church through elementary school and everything about it. That was until he got to junior high and discovered that church members could be mean, very mean. He saw the church spread rumors and lies about his dad and family and the hurt that they experienced because of it. He decided if this was what the church looked like then he wanted out and walked away from the church.

He began to make poor decisions and became involved with drugs and alcohol during his high school years. During this stage of his life he felt no guilt. It was more of the same until he met Robin and after their first date invited him to church. While he said yes to the invitation to be with Robin he was reminded that he had gone away to college to escape church. They became involved in a student ministry and his world began to change.

It was at this ministry he began to see a different side of church and it was real to him. The pastor there introduced him to the C. S. Lewis series The Chronicles of Narnia and it was in those books he began to think about the dragons in his life. Those things that had slipped into his life and were dragging him down even when he didn’t realize it.

It was in these early years he began to feel God calling him to be a pastor. As many of us do he began to explain to God all the reasons that was a bad idea. In the end he responded to the call and agreeing that he would do what God wanted him to do if he could talk about real subjects, people and problems. His ministry has been built around living out that promise.

For more than 30 years now Burgen has been living out truth and grace in the midst of success and failure and at times wondering what he is going!

This is his story that will make you laugh, wonder and maybe even shed a tear or two along the way. He will talk about the joys and frustrations of inviting people to be part of the church and to struggle with the faith issues many of us struggle with and encouraging them always to seek out truth. Sometimes that comes with a high cost we need to be prepared to pay.

I enjoyed the book and found it challenging, entertaining and thought provoking.