The Sacred Search: What If It's Not about Who You Marry, But Why?

By Gary Thomas

If you think you would like to be married someday I recommend you take the time to read this book. 

Once you get married every moment will be marked by that relationship. This is true even if you get divorced! Making the investment in selecting the right spouse is worth the investment of doing it right and this will help you decide what is important to know before you marry and how to discover what you need to know.

Most people dream of the day they will find someone that will become their spouse and they will live happily ever after. Today few take the time to find a person that can make that possible. 

Gary Thomas will take you through a process of rethinking how to make dating and marriage decisions that can give you the kind of married relationship you really want. 

He discusses what it takes to build a relationship and the distractions that can lead you in so many other ways. I love this quote: “You didn’t choose to be born into your family; you do get to choose who you marry to create your next family!” He points out that a great relationship isn’t something you find but something that you build. This book is written to help you build that relationship.

He addresses very well the difficulty of breaking up a relationship but points out that breaking up an engagement or a marriage is even harder. You are choosing between a difficult season and a lifetime sentence.

I found this a very healthy book for anyone that wants the best marriage possible and for those of us that help prepare them for a lifetime of love.