Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work

It is easy to try and separate our Christian life from our work life but in reality that is impossible if we are following Jesus. Living the Christian life means we reflect Jesus in all areas of our life and through us others experience the love and care of the creator.

From the beginning man was created to work, to subdue, have dominion and rule the earth. They were to participate in the creation in the image of God. When we realize that God provides all the resources but we have the responsibility to be creative in our caring for the earth.

I think the most important part of this book is the presentation of the idea that we have been created to use the gifts that God has given us for the good of others. It is a chance to be something bigger than ourselves and releases us from the pressure to prove ourselves and secure our identity through work. Our identity is in our role as creator in the image of God. Our job it to serve our community and our responsibility it to do the best we are capable of.

One of the keys to understanding is that you don’t have to be in a “Christian” profession in order to do Christian work. All our work should be representative of our Lord. Since God created us to do our work all work should be an act of worship of our God.

Even when we are doing what God calls us to do does not mean that it will be easy. The pain of labor is the result of our sin and all work has the potential to miscarry or worse. Just because we don’t experience all our expectations doesn’t mean that we have chosen wrongly in our choice of work. At times it will not bear fruit that we expect and fall short of its potential.

At times we make our work the meaning and identity of our life and that was never what it was created to be. We are called to get our identity and worth from God and not our work. Too often we mix up what we want and tie our value to our work and the glory we get from it when the key should be our relationship with God and bringing him glory.

One of the things I think we should be asking ourselves is if the world is a better place because of what we do. At times we turn our work into an idol when our work it turned from a good thing into an ultimate thing. The key will be to decide to do our work as if we were doing it for God.

No discussion of work would be complete without a look at Sabbath and rest and our need as part of creation to participate in that rest as well. We need to think of Sabbath as a sign of our trust in God.

Each of us was created and gifted to work for the Lord and give him glory and when that becomes our focus and we make the world a better place because of our work we are successful.