I, Saul

This is an entertaining, sometimes thought provoking, and at times laughable, novel that bounces back and forth between first century Rome and contemporary United States and Europe.

It has elements of intrigue and adventure based on an ancient manuscript found written in the hand of Paul and hidden until found in modern day Rome, stolen and hidden again. The main character is a seminary professor engaged to a foreign national that he me on a tour in the Holy Land year ago.

The description of Paul in prison will draw you into the story and make you think of the difficulty he faced as well as those that remained faithful to him till the end. It will give you pause to think about what forms your attitude and now Paul could remain faithful in what for many of us would have seemed an impossible situation.

There is an interesting look into the modern day antiquities market as well. While it does a good job of portraying the black market and the money involved there is a number of areas that are completely ignored. The ease of the theft and the lack of care for the documents and the evaluation methods are overly simplified at best.

It is an interesting story and for those that are unfamiliar with archeology, antiquities and the first century I hope it will draw you in and make you want to learn more about it. The ending makes it obvious there will be at least one more book in this series.