Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well

Have you given any thought to what it will be like as you near the end of your life? Most of us would rather not think about those last years or days, especially as we watch people we love and care about go through them. But, for most of us they will come, and we need to be thinking about them now no matter what age we are.

Billy Graham, a name recognized by most people as a true man of God, at the age of 92 penned this short, 180 page, volume as he nears the end of his earthly life. Here is a man that for more than six decades has shared a simple yet profound truth as he traveled the world to challenge people of all nations to turn from sin and toward God.

You will have the chance to listen in as he reflects on the joys and frustrations of that long life. It is a very interesting look into these last years as he has suffered the loss of his wife, a story described so simply I had to go back and reread it, and the failing of his own health and the limitations that have come with age.

This is not just a book for elderly, as Graham talks about the decisions he made over the course of his life that brought him to this point in life and the foundations that he laid that allow him to travel through this stage of life looking forward to a life to come. One of the powerful parts of this story is his simple yet profound writing style that looks at the normal course of life that helps us prepare for those mature years.

Opening with a story of his love for baseball and the joy of nearing home to score a run he talks about choices he made to give up some dreams that he could follow where God wanted him to go. He talks about thinking about retirement even as a young man, then as something far in the future that he didn’t need to think much about, and as he grew older and had to stop doing some of the things he loved to do.

The need to think about the challenges of aging parents and how we can help them prepare and travel that stage of life, preparing our children for our growing older and the joy of living as a child of the King, that looks forward to welcoming us home one day, are laid out for us.

The message of freedom in Jesus Christ is presented at the end of the book in the simple way that only Billy Graham can share it. In a few pages he lays out God’s plan for God’s people, we his children, and lays out a road map to be able to end life as he is preparing for the end.

I recommend this book for anyone that knows someone that is growing elderly or will be elderly themselves one day! In other words, this book is for you! Enjoy!