The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

Do you ever feel like you and those you love speak different languages? The truth is you probably do!

Each of us has our own way to say “I love you” but often we speak in our language when those we love speak another. Chapman says that we all speak one of 5 love languages and the problem is we try to tell others we love them in the way we want to hear.

Words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch are the primary love languages we all speak.  It is clear that we speak with far more than our words and so we often communicate in a way that is not understood by those we hold most dear.

Chapman does a great job of showing how our words and actions shape how we respond to being and feeling loved. As you read through his description of each of the languages you will find yourself both wondering if that really makes some people feel loved and at other times thinking that this is right on. You will discover your love language and start to think about how it is different from those in your life.

Saying the words “I love you!” is a great place to start but whether or not someone feels loved will often be determined by how well we come to understand what we need to say and do to make that other person feel loved.  When you learn to show love to others in a way they can understand and feel loved you both profit from the effort.

What makes you feel loved? If you want to discover your love language you can check out the web site and take the quiz to discover what most likely makes you feel loved. After taking the quiz you’re ready to start reading about what makes you and those that you love feel loved.