About a month ago, I (Elizabeth) found a trail of ants in our house along the foundation of the basement.  It wasn't long before they made their appearance in other areas of the upstairs.  So I did what any wise woman would do, I went to Pinterest.  I have found that it has become an invaluable tool for finding solutions to all sorts of problems and this was no exception.

After sifting through several suggestions, and getting distracted by a few intriguing random pins, I discovered a "recipe" for an all natural ant killer.  Amazingly I had all the ingredients in the house.  I decided to try it out.

I soaked cotton balls in the solution and placed them in the basement along the foundation of the house and anywhere I saw ants.  Borax can be toxic to pets so be sure to put it in a location where Fluffy and Fido can't get to it.

If you are tired of squashing ants, you should try out this recipe.  Let us know how it works for you!