Scraps And Pieces


One of my favorite rooms in our house is my sewing room. Being an avid quilter, I have stacks and stacks of fabric of all colors and patterns. Just not a lot of any one fabric, as most pieces are leftover from previous projects.

A couple of years ago, I decided to make a quilt using only the scraps that I have. No fabric buying allowed! I chose a quilt block that had lots of smaller squares and then went to work putting colors and patterns together. At first, I found myself gravitating toward my favorite fabrics. The ones that featured prominently in some of my best creations. However, it soon became evident that not only would I run out of fabric if I didn’t expand my horizons, but I would also end up with a quilt that didn’t have much personality. A bit too “matchy”. So I started grabbing the lesser used fabrics. A bit of black here, some bright purple there, and suddenly a creation started to emerge that I would never have come up with if I hadn’t given myself the challenge of using scraps.

Whenever I wrap myself up in that quilt, I think about what God is doing for me. He is taking all the scraps of my life, even the most unlovely and worn out pieces, and is crafting something that I can’t even begin to imagine. Something that, if it were left up to me, wouldn’t look anything like what He has in mind.

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is Psalm 139. In it the Psalmist says that God “created my inmost being”. As a quilter, I know that when I am creating something, I have complete control over my project. Nothing is added, subtracted, changed, or eliminated unless I choose it to happen. I am completely up close and personal with my creation. That is exactly what God has done with us! The God of the universe became up close and personal with you. Not one single thing about you is a mistake!

As vulnerable human beings, I think we forget this much of the time. We are so consumed with what we AREN’T that we forget what we ARE. A deliberate design by a master artist. Have you been feeling like a pile of scraps and pieces lately? Stand back and watch God put it all together into the amazing work of art He has planned from the beginning. You!


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Linda Herbold, and her husband Rich, are the proud parents of 5 and have the 4 most awesome grandkids ever! Linda has a love for ministering to others using personal examples from her own life through writing, teaching and speaking. She is active in her home church, Beaverdam Mennonite, and makes her home in Waterford, PA. You can contact Linda through her facebook page or her WCTL blog.