Rightsizing: Best Ways To Store Seasonal Wardrobes


The fall season is upon us, and with the change of seasons brings the changing of your seasonal wardrobe. The cooler weather means more layering of your clothes. Which means it’s time to pack away your warmer weather wardrobe.

In order to perform this task you will need a few garbage bags, a hamper, storage boxes, and hangers.

Here are Simple Solutions for Living tips to help you get started:

First start with your summer clothes:  Clean all your summer clothes one more time. Perspiration, perfume, and oils from your skin can leave permanent stains on your clothing as well as damage your clothes over time. Anything that is torn, frayed, old, tired, and in bad shape goes into a trash bag. If it no longer fits or it is not your style anymore then you can put it in a container or box to donate or consign later.  Remember to also go through shoes, belts, jewelry, and coats.

Rolling vs. folding. The rolling technique is preferred because one can fit more in a storage bin. (particularly when it comes to knit fabrics). Leave some space, at least an inch or so, to let your clothing breathe.

Organize like with like. T-shirts go with t-shirts, dresses go with dresses, and so on.

Maximize your wardrobe. Hang in your closet or put in drawers any summer pieces that you can wear in the fall and winter for layering pieces such as: lightweight blazers, jackets and cardigans, camisoles, and even swimsuits for vacation or exercise. I only store away my shorts and swimsuit cover-ups. I even keep out some of my darker colored capris for winter that I wear with boots.

Now for the fall and winter clothing: Remove your fall and winter clothes from your storage bins and closets, and let them air out. Check for stains, spots, missing buttons, or tears that you may have missed when you put them away. Launder or dry clean any clothing, jackets, coats, and scarves that you failed to clean at the end of last season. Sort through any clothing, shoes, gloves and accessories, that you do not currently fit in, and that you will not be wearing this season. And put them in the donation or consignment pile.

Organize to maximize your closet:

  1. I highly recommend raising your closet bar to maximize hanging space.
  2. For additional hanging space, add a portable lower bar for shorter clothing items like skirts and tops.
  3. Organize clothes in order from light to dark, sleeveless to long sleeve, jackets, skirts, pants, dresses, suits etc. This not only helps you locate items easier, but it also lets you see what you have excess in or what your wardrobe purchasing needs are. I worked with a client that didn’t know she had eight sleeveless white tops until we got them all in the same area.
  4. Switch out your plastic hangers and wooden hangers with the thin felt covered hangers. This will give you 2-3 times more hanging space. Be sure to invest in the better quality rather than the dollar store variety.

Belts and scarves can either go in bins or hang on hooks or command strips.

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