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Thanks for stopping by my page. I love that we get to spend the middle part of our day together!  My prayer is that you are blessed by the music as well as the daily features. (And that it puts a positive spin on your workday!)

I’ve been privileged to work with WCTL (in one way or another) since 1995.  If you you’d like to know a littamazon.comle more about me, you can read my bio.

Every day I do my best to find things to talk about that are both fun – and helpful – to your daily life and your faith.

*Each weekday, between 11 AM and noon, we Do Life Better, when I share tips from experts on how to simplify and live life more abundantly, just as God intends!

*During your lunch hour (around 12:20 PM), I share the Food for Thought devotional – to feed your spirit while you feed your body 🙂

If you ever have a request, question, or an idea, I’d love to hear from you! The best way to catch me is via email  – loric@wctl.org. (I love to get mail!)