Midday Show Notes 9/13: Encourage Your Kids To Be Kids


Midday Bible Reading Challenge:

Today’s scripture passages are #9 & #10

1 Peter 2:1-10 & Isaiah 43:22-28

Do Life Better:

Kids grow up way too fast these days!  I bet parents from every generation have said that statement.  And it becomes truer with each passing generation. Today, I share 3 simple ways you can encourage your kids to be….kids!

Food For Thought:

(Excerpt from “Resting in His Power,” YouVersion)

If we are in tune with God, we walk through open doors, knowing that He is going to do the heavy lifting and that it’s His work to do through us. God is not going to lead us into failure. He has provided endless eyewitness accounts of those who the world dismissed who did extraordinary things for Him. His Spirit is going to make up the difference, whether you bring 1 percent to the table or 88 percent. He brings 100 percent . . . every time.

The assurance from His Word is that He’s going to overshadow our shortcomings and accomplish the outcome He desires if we follow His lead. Weakness only serves to underscore His power. We can rest, knowing that it’s nothing we can conjure up or manipulate. His Spirit will be at work.

Featured Story:

There is nothing like coming home to a loving furry feline who has been eagerly awaiting your return— unless you have never owned a cat in the first place.