Life Hacks: Spray Painting Ideas


Feb. Bible Reading Challenge:

Do Life Better:

Maybe I have a little bit of cabin fever, but all these spray painting ideas look great (and I have done some of these, too)!  It’s amazing how a couple of coats of spray paint can put a fun, colorful twist on things you already own or brighten up thrift store finds!

Food for Thought:

In 2004, Lauryn Williams traveled to Athens, Greece, so she could represent the United States on the track and field team. All told, she competed in four Olympic games during her 10-year career and became the first American woman to medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

During her first race in Athens, the 100 meter sprint, eight members of her family cheered for her from the grandstands, including her father, her biggest fan.

Before each heat, he told her the same thing: “It doesn’t matter what happens out there. I love you.” Those words calmed her as she stepped to the line, took a deep breath and ran her race. Winning silver, she proudly stood on the podium, representing her country and her family.

The next day, Lauryn’s father was hospitalized because of leukemia. Doctors didn’t know if he would survive. “Why, God,” Lauryn prayed, “would you bring me this far to have my dad die in Greece?”

In the midst of her pain and fear, Lauryn had to depend on the Lord in order to prepare for her next event, the 4×100 relay. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine,” her father told her. “Run your heart out.”

She spent the rest of the week praying fervently for her father to survive while trying not to think about his health as she prepared. “It was definitely difficult fighting this battle,” she says.

With her father hospitalized during one of the most important weeks of her life, Lauryn had to trust God to give her the strength she needed to focus on preparing for her upcoming race. God can give us exactly what we need when we face unexpected events.

Question: What obstacles are you facing this week that you did not anticipate? How can you trust God for the strength that you need?

Christian Olympians at the Winter Games:

After achieving a bronze in Vancouver 2010 and then a silver at Sochi 2014, Elana Meyers Taylor went on to win gold at two of the last three world championships. Will she win her first Olympic gold this year, after missing gold by one-tenth of a second in Sochi? The 33-year-old has a good shot, but whatever happens, her faith in Christ frees her from crushing pressure.