Jesus Came to Rescue You


For God rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of the Son he loves in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins (Colossians 1: 13-14)


Our story is much like the story of a child name Jessica McClure, the 18-month old girl who accidentally fell in an abandoned well-pipe in the mid-1980s in Midland, Texas.

The interesting thing about her rescue is that it took two stages.  The first thing done was to get somebody down into the well to be with her so that she was not alone!  They did this so she would not lose hope and to provide her comfort in her despair.  The second stage was to deliver her out of the pit and into the light of day.

The story of Jessica is our story, a modern day parable for us all – that Jesus came to rescue you.

We all fall into wells:  Our wells take different forms.

 We all have fallen into the well of sin:  God’s Word is clear: all have sinned.  Sin, our choices to act out of God’s will, has repercussions.  It separates us from a holy God, it makes us feel dirty, ashamed, unworthy, worthless, condemned, and it shackles us to its grip keeping us bound up. (Rom 3: 3, 3: 23, 7: 11, 7: 14-18, Gen 3: 8, John 8: 34)

We fall into wells of despair, crisis, and hopelessness:  Life can change on a side of a dime, one minute everything is fine and the next it seems like everything is falling apart!  All it takes is one phone call, one reckless driver, a severe sickness, a poor decision by someone we love, or a job loss.  (John 16: 33, John 14: 1-6, Psalm 18: 4-5)

Jesus jumped into the well of your sin:  Jesus did this when He came in human form and gave his life on the cross for you!  God loved you so much that He was not going to allow you to be abandoned in a well of sin and despair, in the bondage of its powerful grip.  Jesus came to be next to us, to take on our sin, its shame, its ugliness, onto Him.  Jesus came to free us from this well so that we can live in the light of God! He came to bare our punishment, to forgive us, and to restore our relationship with God. (1 Peter 2: 24) (Isaiah 53: 5) (Rom 3: 23, 5:8, Rom 8:1, 2 Cor 5: 17-21)

Jesus seeks to jump into the well of your despair, crisis, and hopelessness:  You never have to be alone in your difficulties. Today, Jesus seeks to come beside you to comfort, strengthen, and carry you through the storms of life. Jesus will either deliver you from the crisis, fix the situation, or give you the strength to endure it and live victoriously through it for Him! You can give your despairs, disappointments and fears to Him. Know that Jesus stands with you; in the end this is all that matters! (Phil 4: 12-13, Heb 12: 5-6, Isaiah 40, 43: 1-6, 46: 4, Psalm 23)

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Ted is a federal employee who lives in Alexandria VA with the love of his life, Angie. They have three awesome adult children and one out-of-control small dog. Ted has previously served two churches as pastor and has over 25 years working for or with the federal government, including as a retired U.S. Marine. Ted's goal is to live Micah 6: 9 - to Act justly, (live with integrity in all areas of life), to love mercy, (to forgive as God has forgiven him and bring God's loving compassion to others), and walk humbly with His God (to walk and live every day for God)!