Introduction To Marian Taylor, Senior Move Manager


May 14th to 20th was National Senior Move Managers week, so I thought I’d share a little about myself and how I became a Senior Move Manager and member of The National Association for Senior Move Managers (NASMM).

In 2000, my Dad’s health was declining, so I decided to move him 1,200 miles from West Palm Beach, Florida to Erie, Pennsylvania. With my two young daughters in tow, my husband and I drove to Florida, packed up his three bedroom home and drove a U-Haul back. We got him settled into a senior living apartment just five miles from our home so I could be near him.

In 2009, my dear friend lost her husband suddenly. While she was grieving, she entrusted me to sort, purge, and sell 90 percent of her belongings from her two story house so she could move into an apartment in New Jersey with her elderly parents. I held my first-ever house sale and was able to help the realtor stage her home, which then sold in one week.

These are just two stories out of a countless number of times my friends and family asked for my help with the daunting task of moving or right-sizing. Maybe they looked to me because I’m an organized person, or maybe they just knew I’d never shy away from a challenge! After all, my mother always said, “Any job big or small, do it right or not at all!”

Through word of mouth, friends recommended me to other friend, and I developed a close connection to a local senior living coordinator. Before I knew it a business had emerged.

Today, as the owner of Simple Solutions for Living, LLC, I’ve helped over 60 clients right-size.  Every client has had a different need ranging from making one’s home more senior friendly (aging in place) to sorting, packing, and moving a client from a 3,500 square foot home into an 800 square foot assisted living facility. Every job is unique, and that’s what I love about my job. I get to work closely with such wonderful people who share stories of their belongings past and present. Moving is never easy. It’s even harder when personal belongings must be parted with. My clients can tell you first hand that I can make that process just a little easier!

My services include but are not limited to:

  • Organizing, sorting, and downsizing
  • Making and executing an aging in place plan
  • Arranging for profitable disposal of unwanted items
  • Scheduling and overseeing movers
  • Working with realtors to stage and prepare the home for a fast and profitable sale
  • Developing a customized floor plan of the new home
  • Unpacking and organizing the new home

In 2015, I applied for membership of The National Association for Senior Move Managers .  NASMM is internationally recognized for its expertise on issues related to Senior Move Management, aging in place, and transition and relocation issues affecting older adults.  I was vetted for experience and insurance and passed certificate classes in Senior Move Management Ethics and Accountability and Senior Move Management Safety.  I am also a member of the Independent Council on Aging (ICA) and I am proud to be an Erie Ambassador.

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Marian Taylor, Senior Relocation Specialist, Owner of Simple Solutions for Living, and proud member of National Association of Senior Move Managers. Simple Solutions for Living provides clients with a personalized one-on-one experience, hands-on help, and knowledgeable guidance in right-sizing, organizing, packing, unpacking, preparing home for sale, and stress-free moving. To find out how Simple Solutions for Living can help you with your project, please contact Marian Taylor at 814-449-5309, email or visit