God’s Love Changes Everything


God’s love is so strong that He fought for you!  He wants your heart, He wants your love, and He has given you His heart, His love, and His One and Only Son to prove the depth of His love for you. He did this while we were lost in our sin!  (Read Romans 5: 8, Ephesians 3: 14-20)

God will never give up on you!  He loves you so very much.  There is absolutely nothing – no situation, no event, no action, no person – that will ever separate you from the love of God.  Jesus is always there waiting for you to turn to Him. (Romans 8: 28-39)

Our Lord is the God of second, third, and multiple chances! “Come, let’s talk this over, says the Lord; no matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. (Isaiah 1: 19)

Life is complicated and hard.  God’s message of love can be easily lost in translation.  We miss the main thing:  God’s radical love and offer of forgiveness of sins and a restored relationship with Him through faith in Jesus Christ, His work on the cross, and His resurrection three days later.

Perhaps you are reading this and you know you have become distant from God.

Perhaps you have been angry at God for something, blaming Him for the unfairness of life, a very difficult situation you are facing, or event that is happening to you in this his fallen world. God’s heart breaks when we hurt, and He wants to hold you close and carry you through this storm if you would just turn to Him.  (Read Matthew 11: 28-30)

Perhaps you have been ensnared by sinful choices or poor thinking.  (Read 1 John 1: 9)

Perhaps you know God is not first-place in your heart and you have not really been seeking God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. (Read Jeremiah 29: 11-14)

Good News, today is your day!  God is using this devotion so that you get things right with Him!


Pray this or something like this in your own words:

“Lord I have sinned against you and done what was wrong and evil in your sight.  Lord I have not kept you first place or treated you as God.  Precious God, I ask for forgiveness and cleansing for my sins.  I truly believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, and I do believe on the third day He rose again.  I ask Jesus to fill my heart with your love.  I commit to seeking you first, with all my heart, mind, and spirit.  Precious Lord, please give me the courage, strength, and commitment to stop any bad habits, relationships, or situations that are pulling me away from you and start new habits, relationships and situations that will help me live for you.  I receive your love this day, and commit to following Jesus.  Amen


If you prayed this please share this commitment with one person to cement in your mind this new heart and life change for Jesus!  You are Forgiven, you are New, you are His!

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Ted is a federal employee who lives in Alexandria VA with the love of his life, Angie. They have three awesome adult children and one out-of-control small dog. Ted has previously served two churches as pastor and has over 25 years working for or with the federal government, including as a retired U.S. Marine. Ted's goal is to live Micah 6: 9 - to Act justly, (live with integrity in all areas of life), to love mercy, (to forgive as God has forgiven him and bring God's loving compassion to others), and walk humbly with His God (to walk and live every day for God)!