Exercise: Know Your “Why”


These are a few things that make me ask “why” to my clients:

  1. Why don’t you take time to breathe? Correct breathing takes effort, correct breathing is a skill. Visit this website for more on correct breathing techniques when you work out.
  2. Why do you think you should lift heavy weights? Don’t get me wrong, lifting heavy weights can be a benefit. But, again, you have to know your “Why”. If you are not a bodybuilder or a power lifter, then WHY are you lifting very heavy weights. They often can do more harm than good
  3. Why don’t you use better workout techniques? I see people moving heavy weight with horrible technique and poor posture alignment.
  4. Why do you do the same exercise or working the same body parts everyday? Balance is the key, especially muscle balance.
  5. Why do you have a poor attitude about your body? These are the types that beat themselves up both mentally and physically. Don’t exercise because you hate your body exercise because you love your body.
  6. Why aren’t you doing both strength and cardio workouts? You need them both. Again, balance is important. Science says you need cardio, which is a heartbeat of 220 minus your age per minute, for at least 20 minutes a day, four times a week. Further, you need to strength train three times a week.
  7. Why is your only goal to lose weight? To burn off one M+M you need to walk 120 yards.  And who can eat just one M&M?? So if you eat a modest 14 M&Ms, you need to walk a mile to burn off those calories.
  8. Why do you over-train? It’s all about recovery, which is eating right, sleeping, and even taking time off from training. Some forms of recovery are Acupuncture, cryotherapy, cold showers, great communication with your doctor or chiropractor, support from family and friends. Don’t rule out saunas, hot tubs, naps, Myofascia work prayer and meditation, worship, yoga, getting out in nature, and so on.

So, please, when you work out or as you plan to start exercising, keep these “why’s” in mind!

“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted” (Job 42:2).


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