Delight In The Lord


I love to watch babies smile! They’re so GOOD at it! Their smiles don’t just involve their mouths. They involve every inch of their bodies. Eyes light up, legs kick, arms wave. Every inch of their body is completely delighted!

The other day, I was looking at a picture that my daughter had sent me a few years ago of my grandson. He had just learned how to roll onto his stomach, and she snapped a picture of his joy. His face was completely lit up! And I thought, “Oh he’s so proud of himself and what he’s learned to do!”  But the more I looked at the picture, the more I realized something. He wasn’t really smiling at himself. Actually he had just woken up, rolled over, and looked up to see his mama. And THAT’s where the smile came from! Not in his accomplishment, but in the utter delight of seeing the most important thing in his life!

Psalm 149:4 tells us that “The Lord takes delight in his people…” Picture that. Really see it. That utter and complete delight that God has in you. When He looks at you, every fiber of His being explodes with joy!

He sees nothing but that which is the most important thing in His life. You!

Take a minute to close your eyes and let that soak in. Now flip back a few chapters to Psalm 37:4. The Psalmist tells us “Delight yourself in the Lord…” That same excitement, that same delight that God has for us, we are to have for Him. But do we? Or do we let life get in the way? You see, just as easily as my grandson explodes with delight for his mother, so does he get distracted from her. Get his attention on something else, and it’s like she’s not even there. Oh he stops and looks for her every now and then to make sure she’s around. But then his eyes turn away. And his “mama delight” fades. Have we let our “God delight” fade? Have we let ourselves get distracted by that which tries to draw our eyes away from Him? Or do we explode with joy in His presence? Do we allow our focus to wander, or do we keep our eyes glued to Him, every fiber of our being wriggling with joy at His touch? Take time today, and everyday, to wrap yourself in His presence. To see the joy he takes in you. To delight yourself in Him.


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Linda Herbold, and her husband Rich, are the proud parents of 5 and have the 4 most awesome grandkids ever! Linda has a love for ministering to others using personal examples from her own life through writing, teaching and speaking. She is active in her home church, Beaverdam Mennonite, and makes her home in Waterford, PA. You can contact Linda through her facebook page or her WCTL blog.