Countdown, A Floating Building and Cats


Today on the Wake Up Call

Top 40 Songs Played on WCTL in 2017

Our Music Director, Dan Sheldon, compiled a list of the top 40 songs for 2017 based on the WCTL charts.  Where did your favorite song fall?  Check the list below.

Fun Friday Cat Stories

Strange noises coming from his deck woke this Alaskan photographer.  The sight he beheld left him gobsmacked.

Squishy the cat is found 80 miles away from home just one month after he went missing.

In one day, the St. Louis Zoo increased its population by eight.

Brain Teaser

Jack tells Jill, “This isn’t the $5 bill you left on the table.  I found it between pages 15 and 16 of the Bible.”

Jill retorts, “You’re lying and I can prove it.”  How did Jill know” (scroll down for the answer)








The Bible, like all other books, has odd-numbered pages on the right. Therefore, pages 15 and 16 are the front and back of a single page, and nothing could have been found between them.