Marching To Christ: The Rucksack Podcast With Brian Havens

Why is that we as people run to the things that are bad for us and neglect the things that are good?

Peace In The Journey: Rucksack Podcast With Brian Havens

We, as people of God, all long for peace in such turbulent times.  Peace can described as “freedom from disturbance; peacfulness and restfulness”.   Are we surprised when times of disorder, confusion, and persecution come our way?  Jesus spoke of a time when these things...

The Rucksack Podcast With Brian Havens: Pursuit Of Life

Listen to the latest episode of "The Rucksack," by Brian Havens of Freedom Families.

The Rucksack Podcast, With Brian Havens

Death is not an easy thing. Especially when you lose someone you love.

The Rucksack Podcast From Brian Havens

We often as human beings depend on one another. We, also, as human beings let each other down, a lot! In the military, trust is one of the first things built among a team. From day one, you are taught to work as a team, operate as a team.

“Raise The Flag” – The Rucksack Podcast, 5/4/17

This is the podcast of Brian Havens of Freedom Families, called "The Rucksack".