Fitness for the Head, Heart and Soul Should Come Before Fitness for the Body.

Everyday, people impact our lives. Have you told them "thank you"?

Get Moving and Help Your Posture with These Exercises

What exercises are good for posture and to just get moving? Read more for specific exercises and instructions on how to properly do each.

Get Your Body Moving for Better Health

Want to get healthy? Here are some ways to get your body moving.

5 Must-Try Fitness Apps

The following fitness apps are all FREE and can be downloaded right to your smart phone. They are all just a little different, but they allow you to choose from countless workouts. Everything from cardio to circuit training, to core training, yoga and more!

“Sneaking” Exercise in at the Office

Do you find yourself sitting more than standing? Do you have a job that requires you to be at a desk for the majority or your day? Do you come home from work just to find that you spend most of the evening relaxing on the couch? Have you ever thought about how much time you spend each day sitting…? The question I hear the most from clients is this, “How can I exercise while I’m at work?”

Why We Take The Time to Move…

For most people, weight loss is the main motivator for getting into shape. But there are a lot of other benefits to exercising than just fitting into those skinny jeans. Believe it or not, regular physical activity can decrease your cancer risk, make your skin glow and much more. Whether you’re already fit or looking for a little extra motivation, check out these reasons to get fit and get moving!

Exercise: A Little Goes a Long Way

We were not created to simply sit! And yet, so many of us find ourselves sitting for extended periods of time. Science has affirmed this very truth- that God has created us to move! There are thousands of changes that take place when we exercise, and some of the effects can be felt immediately!

Putting on Your Mask

In October, I flew from Erie to Kansas City, Missouri to visit my brother and his family. My daughter, Audra, was 6 months old at the time and was considered a “lap child.” She wasn’t old enough to require a seat of her own, but it also meant that I would be holding her for the entire flight. I was also holding a purse, a diaper bag, our boarding passes, a plastic penguin toy, and I was also pushing a rather large jogging stroller. After making our way through the dreaded security line with all of the above, we boarded the plane. 11D was “our” seat. I managed to work myself down the aisle, with bags and baby in tow. Knocking the elbows and knees of other unsuspecting passengers as we fumbled down the aisle. After we arrived at 11D, I began shoving bags below the seat in front of me and in the overhead compartment. Ahh…there. We made it.

Functional Fitness: Training Your Body for Life!

Pushing a grocery cart. Picking up a child. Reaching to the top shelf of a cabinet. Bending to open the dryer door. Reaching for the book that has fallen behind the shelf. Bending down to kiss a little child goodnight… Each and every one of these moves are “functional.” Functional simply means that our body is trained and conditioned to move like we do in everyday life. There are 5 basic and essential functional moves that allow us to move in many different ways.