In Step with The Spirit

What an invigorating walk this Christian life is when we live in step with the Spirit! We come to feel we would rather be walking that road to glory with Him than anywhere else on earth.

Finding Hope When Marriage Is Hard

God's power to restore your marriage is greater than Satan's power to destroy it. Read these reminders to find hope when your marriage is hard.

Faith Set Aflame: 10 Signs of A Lukewarm Christian

How easy it is today to put God on the back burner, to allow other important and good things to put God in second place. Guard against becoming a lukewarm Christian.

In Weakness

The world has a way of breaking us down and sucking us in. No matter how hard we try, sin always seems to end up seeping into the better part of our lives. The answer to this frustration is found only in the Cross of Christ

Don’t Lose Your Lover

We were in New York City when I lost sight of him. My husband The only one who knew the way through the crowded streets. The only who knew how to get where we were going. He was only my boyfriend at the time–and you’d think as in crazy love as I was with him–I would have kept an eye on him. But I didn’t.

9 Sacred Paths for Worship: Part 2

In this blog series, discover what your path to worship is to enhance your experience with God.

The Closet: Clearing the Path to Life

clearing a path to life
What are the things that God has been nudging you to take care of? Are you in the place He made for you, doing the things He meant for you to do? Are you distracted by all of the other tasks in life or are you being faithful to the instruction He has given you?

9 Sacred Paths for Worship: Part 1

While we all come to God through Jesus Christ alone, we relate to Him in very different ways. In Gary Thomas’ book, Sacred Pathways (Zondervan), Thomas explains that God created each of us with a particular spiritual temperament, our own unique way of relating to Him. Identifying and embracing our individual pathway helps us draw nearer to God and worship Him in greater freedom and joy.

Redefining My Worth as a Teacher

Whether I taught children in South America, the military in Asia or college students in the Middle East, everyone loved and respected me. Parents brought me gifts, students carried my text books to class, and office clerks brought me sweets and glasses of piping hot tea. I never doubted my abilities or worth and felt well-regarded—certainly honored to call myself a teacher....

On Taking Care of Yourself

Life can be hectic and you're pulled in many directions each day. But here are some important things to do to take care of yourself each day.