Redefining My Worth as a Teacher

Whether I taught children in South America, the military in Asia or college students in the Middle East, everyone loved and respected me. Parents brought me gifts, students carried my text books to class, and office clerks brought me sweets and glasses of piping hot tea. I never doubted my abilities or worth and felt well-regarded—certainly honored to call myself a teacher....

Finding Joy

A friend of mine, while helping me through some selfish behavior, told me something earth-shaking. Whenever you are discontent with your life, the best way out is to get over your selfishness and love others. Thankfully, she was very patient with me and helped me through the process. The best path to joy is by giving a little piece of yourself to someone else.

How To Look At The New Year With Hope

2016 is finally here, along with the weight of resolutions, goals, and another year’s finances to sort out. We’re out of the holiday season and into the rest of life—pursuing resolutions we’d actually like to keep, regular work hours, and school. Now it’s time...

Feeding Your Mind

This world is full of negative influences that can cause you to have a pessimistic outlook on things that happen to you, so you must ignore these influences and be circumspect about what you feed your mind. Who and what you surround yourself with will dramatically affect your life. Building a pure mind starts with building pure surroundings.

Finding Hope When Marriage Is Hard

God's power to restore your marriage is greater than Satan's power to destroy it. Read these reminders to find hope when your marriage is hard.

Noise: Choosing God’s Voice over the Distractions of Life

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.  Psalm 46: 10 (NIV) We were having a small picnic in our back yard when one of our guests commented, “I could never live...

The Closet: Clearing the Path to Life

clearing a path to life
What are the things that God has been nudging you to take care of? Are you in the place He made for you, doing the things He meant for you to do? Are you distracted by all of the other tasks in life or are you being faithful to the instruction He has given you?

Don’t Lose Your Lover

We were in New York City when I lost sight of him. My husband The only one who knew the way through the crowded streets. The only who knew how to get where we were going. He was only my boyfriend at the time–and you’d think as in crazy love as I was with him–I would have kept an eye on him. But I didn’t.

Spend Time at the Lord’s Table

As we find ourselves caught up in our everyday lives, we need to keep the memory of time spent at the table of our Lord on our minds. We should make sure that the people we meet throughout our week recognize Jesus in us.

Stand And Stare

I wonder… how much of life has passed me by because I became so oblivious? I don’t know about you, but too often I tend to look through people...