Book Of The Month Review: February 2017

Any serious student of the Bible needs to know how to find and use a commentary. For years, Chuck Swindoll has been creating some of the best that anyone can use and understand. This one is no exception.

Wake-Up Call: 2017 Book Of The Month Reviews with Pastor Jeff Bobin

Each month, Pastor Jeff Bobin visits the Wake-Up Call and reviews a book that could help you, your family and your church!

December Book of the Month Review

DiscipleShift: Five Steps That Help Your Church to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples By Jim Putman & Bobby Harrington Review by Pastor Jeff Bobin Listen to the book review.   If you are interested in your church becoming a healthy disciple-making church, you will learn a shift in thinking. Taking...

July Book of the Month

We all are impacted by many other people in our lives. Learning how they impact us and what we can do to make sure we have the best influences is important to our future.

June Book of the Month

Living in a stepfamily is almost always a challenge and comes with a full array of difference that way too often we don’t think about before we get married and form one. This will help you either prepare for those challenges before you marry or improve you marriage if you have already taken the plunge.

May Book of the Month

How well do you know your neighbors? The people right next door?

April Book of the Month

Church Refugees: Sociologist reveal why people are DONE with church but not their faith By Josh Packard & Ashleigh Hope Review by Pastor Jeff Bobin   There is a group of people out there that has walked away from the church and too often we don’t understand why....

March Book of The Month

Most of us have or had dreams of what married life would be like after we were married. The challenge is to live with someone that doesn’t live up to our ideal dreams. Marriage is work – hard work. Each chapter is based on one of the commitments that the authors feel are key to a successful marriage.

February Book of the Month

If you think about it every moment of every day is filled with yes or no decisions we have to make. The do shape our life, not just for the moment, the day but for our lifetime. It is the multitude of decisions we make each day that mold our future.

Book Of The Month

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