Scraps And Pieces

One of my favorite rooms in our house is my sewing room. Being an avid quilter, I have stacks and stacks of fabric of all colors and patterns. Just not a lot of any one fabric, as most pieces are leftover from previous projects.

The “Why” For Living

You were made for a relationship with God. Your highest purpose is a heart relationship with him. What is your "why" for living?

Faith In God’s Strength And Promise

What challenges are you facing today that you deem to be too big to handle? Can you trust in God's strength to handle them?

Return To Hope

The backpack looked small in the line of bags and suitcases against the wall. The bright color caught my eye, but it was the make-shift masking tape name tag that held my attention. I knew that name. He had been here before.

Double Rainbows, Hidden Joy

Without fail, during the most trying and difficult times of my life, it is the small glimpses of joy that have sustained me.

Will You Choose To Trust Him?

Together through scripture and this study, reflection, and practical exercise we will, by God’s power, grow in our walk of faith with God and learn to trust Him more.

Church And A Bar: Rucksack Podcast With Brian Havens

For many years I had served my country.  What was unique about it was that I belonged to something special; and I always would.  It was a bond built in more than just people, a band brothers and sisters, a community, a family.  All...

The “Anything” Song

The ‘anything” prayer calls me to make eye contact with God. In fact, it’s meant to be sung looking directly into His eyes. It’s written as a prelude to action – whatever and wherever He calls me, with His help I will go; I will do. Anything.

With Your Shield Or On It

Throughout the Psalms we are told that the Lord is our Shield, just as He was Abraham’s (Genesis 15:1), and that He will protect us. So, because God is our Shield, we go into daily battle with the world with three options to choose from in the course of those battles. Let’s take a look at them one by one.


Several years ago, when my oldest grandson was just a little tyke, he and my daughter were visiting us. My son-in-law was deployed overseas, so they decided to come for a few weeks. I remember one day in particular when my preschooler grandson was having the proverbial terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. It seemed like every time he turned around, he was getting into trouble.