An Act of Faith


I remember my first garden.  I grew up in the country on about 4 acres surrounded by fields on all sides.  On our property, my parents tended gardens and harvested the crops to feed our family of six.  I remember my father keeping, at times, as many as four huge vegetable gardens and several flower gardens.

Sometime in 5th or 6th grade, I asked my mother for a garden of my own; she offered the garden around the old tree trunk.  My father had cut down an old tree in our yard but left a tall trunk and the flower bed around it. This was the garden that was allotted to me.  To this day, it is still there with the same stones that my parents piled up for the border so many years ago.

I was familiar with those stones.   Before they held back the dirt to this bed in the middle of our yard, the blocks of sandstone once had another purpose on our property which I have since forgotten.  However, I knew exactly where each stone belonged in this landscape and spent many hours re-positioning them after my father mowed with the clunky, faded to pink, Allis Chambers tractor.  But now that the garden was mine, I became even more familiar with those stones.  Each sandy block had developed a character of its own and was identifiable by its swirls of tan, brown, yellow, red, grey, pink, white, and black.  In a way, they became my friends as I tended to my garden.

I remember the difficult decision of deciding what to plant in my garden.  I knew I wanted flowers.  I went through my parent’s collection of seeds and I picked out nasturtiums, marigolds, and zinnias. My mother also gifted me some red salvia and sedum from her gardens.

I cared for those plants that entire summer; tending to their needs while I watched them grow and bloom.  The plants and I would soak up the sun while I read a book on a blanket next to them.  I believe it was pride in that garden which planted a seed in me.  Years later, that seed germinated and a love for gardening grew in me.

I have my own home now and several gardens.  Many of them contain flowers, including the same kinds I grew in my youth garden, but I also grow vegetables and have even propagated a few bushes, trees and shrubs!  I love it!  There is something amazing about growing a plant from a seed.  Planting a seed is really an act of faith.  It is an amazing mystery to me how God calls life forth from this tiny “dead” part of a plant. It is similar to the way He calls life out of each of us when we are “dead.”

If you want to watch God’s mystery at work, plant a garden this year. The Wake Up Call wants to help you experience this mystery of life.  That’s why we have been sharing gardening tips for beginners.  We’ve even posted them to our Pinterest board!  Soooo…What are you waiting for?  Go break ground for your new garden! – Elizabeth